A tween website guide for awkward tweens coming into their own, with all the PG-13 information they're desperate to know.
The Problem
Tweens have questions, and they want answers. It can be concerning for parents to think about what explicit results may come up when freely searching the internet, but how will they learn? They don't want to hear it from you, mom... ew.
The Solution
Middle. School. Sleepovers. We balance being cool for kids, while being trusted by adults. Curious Clique is a site that’s safe and digestible content for middle schoolers. How to kiss, how to talk to your crush, and more tips and tricks that they are going to search online for anyway.
Youthful, Spunky, Approachable
Pre-teens ages 11-14. Our mission is to move away from the health class content, with the understanding that kids want to feel older and cooler. We are geared towards girls because there is an age gap in sexual content. Women’s sexuality isn’t talked about enough especially at a young age. And it doesn't help that boys are light years ahead for no reason.
What I did
+ Brand Identity
+ Logo Design
+ Naming
+ Copywriting
+ Art Direction
+ User Interface Design
+ Web Design
+ Advertising
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