A bandage infused solution for splinters, painlessly bringing splinters to the surface.
The Problem
There is nothing painless on the market for removing splinters. Needles and tweezers have been the only solution for centuries. There is nothing worse than the gut wrenching feeling of removing a splinter from your child. How can we eliminate the pain, anxiety, and tears associated with splinters?
The Solution
A bandage with a fast acting extracting formula that brings the splinter to the surface after only 15 minutes, leaving the splinter stuck to the bandage. It's so easy, kids to do themselves. ​​​​​​​
Playful, Upbeat, Comforting, Silly, Upbeat, Outdoorsy, Brave
Our target parents 25-45 who live in a suburban neighborhood with a porch or a deck and a backyard big enough for kids to play. Whether they are at the overprotective stage with her first child, or at the scrambling stage of kid #3, this parent is desperate to put an end to the nightmare of removing splinters.
What I did
+ Brand Identity
+ Naming
+ Packaging
+ Copywriting
+ Web Design
+ Advertising
Ad Campaign
A campaign reminding those of the horror stories that come from the “at home remedies” for removing splinters. Everyone has a traumatic memory of their parent pinning them down on the kitchen floor while they poke you with a needle. No parent likes seeing their child in pain, and wishes there was a better way.
Brand Awareness
Sponsored playground dispensers to get kids excited about taking care of themselves. No parents or nurses needed!
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