Come behind the scenes of my conceptual process and strategic thinking. Big ideas are my thing, and if you don't like them, I have another one coming.
A Case Study For An Awareness Campaign Informing About The Dangers of Toxic Chemicals in Consumer Products.
1. Start With Structure
After pitching an idea that I'm passionate about, I set the brief, motives and intentions of the project. What is the problem, and how can I solve it?
2. Begin Chaos
I brainstorm by dumping an overload of thoughts on paper. I pick out the winnersThere is always more than one right answer. If I'm asked to bring 1, I bring 10. Here's a few:
Concept 1: Dump your toxic products
This concept talks about the toxic relationship you are in with your products, and encourages people to dump them. Products are not required by the FDA to tell the full truth, and lying is a huge red flag. 
Don't like this one? I've got another. 
Concept 2: You Are What You Eat
This concept is based around the statistic that more than half of we we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream. This approach is meant to shock and gross out the audience and lead them in to let them know that if they wouldn’t eat it, they shouldn’t put it on their skin.
Ok, One More.
Concept 3: Knowledge Wake Up Call
This concept sheds light on the fact that the most educated people in our society are still not aware of what’s in their products. We know so much information, but we don’t know what’s in our products?
Finally, ask others to rip them apart, and repeat.
There is no "last step" in my creative process, because it can always be improved or re-worked... until the deadline of course.
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