Lady Godiva is honored through a print promotion that celebrates Godiva's 100th Year Anniversary.
The Problem
How can Godiva promote themselves in a way that honors their roots, while relating to present times?
The Solution
In 2022, it is appropriate to discuss how the brand originated when Lady Godiva rode naked, to show their support for women, and help customers feel sexy and empowered.
Luxury, Bold, Sleek
Godiva often targets people who have a preference for premium products and look to indulge in something exquisite. With this approach, we are specifically targeting powerful women.
What I did

+ Publication Design
+ Art Direction
+ Strategy
+ Copywriting
+ Advertising
+ Brand Guidelines
Ad Concept
The GoDiva ad campaign is a PR gift that Godiva has sent to empowering influencers that align with our message. Lady Godiva shows us how to care for others even in a situation of power, while being confident with or without clothes on. We want to honor her, while promoting our brand through the influencers we have today.
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