Anti-holiday survival kit for the scrooge in your life.
The Problem
There are plenty of people who hate the holidays, and that's ok! The stress of the holidays can certainly outweigh the fun. For the people who don't have anyone to share it with, the over commercialization, the forced sincerity, and don't forget about retail workers. Christmas's year round festivities can leave people with no time to miss it. Happy Holidays... still?​​​​​​​
The Solution
Diss The Season finds a way to celebrate people who don't like celebrating. This kit comes with essentials you may need, with the comedic relief you definitely need. No one wants to be forced into the spirit. It should be acknowledged that they are not alone in how they feel. The solution is to send your love in a way that makes them laugh.
Witty, Spunky, Dry, Dark yet light hearted

Who would buy this?
Your wacky and spirited Aunt Sheryl who loves you to death. A middle school teacher who never had kids of her own, who is constantly sending you quirky things off of Etsy and sarcastic birthday cards. She is starting to get the hint that you aren’t a fan of her sweaters, and have skipped the holidays at her house for the past 3 years... yet she is still determined to make you smile. When she is holiday shopping at the mall, and spots an advertisement for this, she's in.
What I did
+ Brand Identity
+ Naming
+ Copywriting
+ Art Direction
+ Illustration
+ Advertising
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