Outside of Design, there are a range of courses that have helped me as a person, rather than a student, and have shaped me to be well-rounded. Hint: it was not my Intro to Ancient Greek Philosophy class.
The top 3 classes that have impacted me were Public Speaking, Mindful Meditation, and Wondering The Alphabet.
As a Communications and Rhetorical Studies Minor, I was able to start learning about something that truly interested me. ME!
Mindful Meditation happened to fit my schedule, and I never expected it to change my life in the ways that it did. I couldn't believe I was learning all the "real life" skills we don't normally get to talk about. I was finally able to put aside the studying and taking notes to... well... study and take notes. But what made this so different was how freeing it was. Simply by doing the homework assignments, I started meditating, journaling, and reflecting. For the first time I thought, could homework be... good?
Public Speaking was the class I knew I had to take. Or so I told myself every week at 8am. I learned that being good at this, is just... pretending you're good at it!? While showing my confidence and hiding my nerves, I got better! I was determined to take classes that would help me grow professionally.
Ok...so, design mayyy have slipped it's way back into this one, but in a completely different way! What made this so different was how freeing it was. No wrong answers? Are you sure? Being knowledgeable in design made it so we could open our minds back to the basics, and reimagine what has already been taught to us. All we had to do was wonder. This helped utilize the functions of our brains that are often told to *stop* have been given the freedom to fly. This course was a weekly way to bring out our personal wonders through design, thought processes, and everyone did it in their own creative way.
I'm ready to expand my knowledge and continue learning professionally. What's next?
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