Snacks for pregnant women that satisfy their cravings while nourishing their bodies.
The Problem
Belli addresses the moral dilemma that comes along with eating while pregnant. How can you satisfy your cravings without compromising your body’s health?
The Solution
Belli is the first snack mix designed specifically for pregnant women as a healthy and delicious alternative.The goal is to satisfy their cravings and nourish their bodies at the same time. Our customers can feel good about what they are putting in their bodies, while still enjoying it. Snacking smarter.
Lighthearted, Organic, Comforting
 Our primary target audience is a pregnant woman ages 25-35 who is very focused on having a healthy lifestyle. This is her first time carrying a child as well as her first time sticking to a diet. She is very passionate about keeping a healthy lifestyle, but doesn’t want to have to give up her guilty pleasures. She goes to the health food store often and is always on the hunt for new healthy delicious alternatives.
What I did
+ Brand Identity
+ Naming
+ Packaging
+ Copywriting
+ Art Direction
+ Advertising
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