A mid-life crisis app for men to get personally coached throughout their day.
The Problem
While there are wellness apps out there, they focus on self care in terms of meditation and fitness goals, and this is not inclusive to how everyone copes. Not everyone can or wants to commit to 30 minutes of meditation everyday.
The Solution
To create a support system for a group of people who's mental health has been neglected. Disrupting the calming wellness app market with a more realistic approach way to get back on track. It is designed to weave into and be incorporated into the users daily life, by taking the things your phone already knows about you and putting them to good use.
Approachable, Nurturing, Strong

Targeting middle-aged dads with a sense of humor, offering them the support they never had. He has probably worked the same job for over 30 years and feels like he is stuck in a place of fear and uncertainty. He is a fun and silly guy, however needs some guidance on “what to do now.”
What I did
+ Brand Identity
+ Naming
+ Copywriting
+ Art Direction
+ User Interface design
+ Advertising
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